Cometic helps seal the deal to go 245mph in a Honda CRX

Miriam Macmillan of Hondata recently reset her own record by averaging over 238mph in the 4th mile of the long course at Bonneville. Her CRX is powered by a modified K-Series engine that was reconfigured to a 1.5L and turbocharged.

Cometic equipped Streamliner sets sites at 400mph!


Hi Jason

This is Rick Yacoucci I’m a friend of John Noonan you helped us out a few years ago with some head gaskets and am wondering if you can help us out again

We are doing a turbo small block chevy in our streamliner in hopes of being the first 400mph Gasoline powered streamliner.

We did rather well last year setting 4 records, SCTA fastest car of the year and The 200mph club Wrench of the year.

Either way with the zero failures we have had with your gaskets we will be using them again with this build.

Please let me know if you will be able to help ASAP, like most racers we seem to do the last minute thrash.


Rick Yacoucci

Rick Yacoucci Racing