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Materials  /  Fiber / Rubber / Cork

Fiber / Rubber / CorkTNG, MP, ML, NBR

Fluid resistance found in our layered fiber gaskets provide excellent sealability in a variety of environments under short duration temperatures.



Fully cured nitrile butadiene rubber binder for maximum fluid resistance. It has excellent sealability in a variety of environments and flange conditions. It is intended for applications with short duration maximum temperatures up to 290°C (550°F).

Thickness: .012, .015, .020, .031, .039, .040, .043, .046, .047, .059, .060, .062, .075, .080, .094, .125, .126, .188

TNG Fiber

TNG Fiber

High-density material with a fully cured nitrile binder. Excellent resistance to fuel, oil, and has good tensile strength. Intended for high flange pressures and short-run duration max temperatures up to 350C (650F).

Thickness: .060, .062

MP Fiber

Excellent low flange pressure sealability and bolt torque retention. It is intended for applications with short-duration maximum temperatures up to 205°C (400°F).

Thickness: .062

ML Fiber

ML Fiber

Layered fiber and binder with variable density (350F).

Thickness: .188

NBR Rubber

NBR Rubber

NBR has good abrasion resistance and its physical properties are moderate in comparison with the Natural Rubber.

Thickness: .063, .125



Cork / Rubber blend 50-65 Shore A

Thickness: .031, .062, .125, .156, .250

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