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New Product Release! BMW M52/S52/M42/M44/M50/S50 .060" HTS Exhaust Manifold Gaskets

Thursday, July 16th, 2020

New Product Release! BMW M52/S52/M42/M44/M50/S50 .060

Part#              Descripiton                                                               Retail Price
C14131-060   BMW M52B25/M52B28/S52B32 .060" HTS                    $25.00 Set
C14130-060   BMW M42B18/M44B19 .060" HTS                                $16.49 Set
C14128-060   BMW M50B25/M50B25TU/S50B30US .060" HTS            $24.73 Set

HTS Fiber features a graphite/fiber blend mechanically bonded to a perforated stainless steel core. The facing material features 75% graphite with Kevlar fiber reinforcements for strength and durability.