V-Twin & Cruiser Motorcycles

Cometic offers a full line of V-Twin and Cruiser gaskets for models from 1936 through current day. Whether you have a stock bike or a fire breathing all out race machine, Cometic has you covered. Need just one gasket, not the entire kit? No problem, Cometic offers individual gaskets. Cometic also offers custom gaskets at shelf stock prices.

Cometic uses its EST “Extreme Sealing Technology” philosophy while making every gasket. All gaskets and seals have been proven through state-of the-art research and development processes and validated on the street and the track. Multi-Layer Steel (MLS) head gaskets, Aluminum Foamette Material (AFM) primary gaskets and Stainless Steel rocker box gaskets are the mainstay of the Cometic V-Twin and Cruiser product lineup.

V-Twin Gaskets