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New Product Release! Honda K20/K24 Rubber Coated Steel Intake Manifold Gasket

AUTOMOTIVE | 28 May 2020

Part#: C14095 Retail Price: $17.62 EA Material: .010" Rubber Coated Steel

New Product Release! Toyota 4.6L/5.7L MLS Exhaust Manifold Gasket, 2008-2019

AUTOMOTIVE | 26 May 2020

Part#:  C14125-040Retail Price:  $30.90 EAMaterial:   .040" MLS   4-LAYER MLS - Multi Layer ProtectionThe embossed outer layers of our gaskets meet the demands of...

New Product Release! Ford 6.7L Power Stroke Diesel MLS Exhaust Manifold Gasket, 2011-2014

AUTOMOTIVE | 21 May 2020

Part#:  C15487-030Retail Price:  $22.03 EAMaterial:   .030" MLS   3-LAYER MLS - Multi Layer ProtectionThe embossed outer layers of our gaskets meet the ...

Cometic New Product Release! Expanded MLS Head Gaskets: Chrysler, Ford, Volkswagen

AUTOMOTIVE | 19 May 2020

C15551-040  Ford Windsor .040" MLS Cylinder Head Gasket, 4.150" Bore, SVO, RHS, Valve Pockets   $89.49 EA C15552-040  Ford Windsor .040" MLS Cylinder Head Gasket, 4.150" Bore, S...

Cometic New Product Release! Expanded MLX Head Gasket Applications

AUTOMOTIVE | 13 May 2020

New MLX Applications Chevy Gen-4 Big Block, Ford Gen-3 Coyote, Ford 4.6L Mod 3-Valve, GM Ecotec, and BMW B58B30.    Part#                Descri...

New Product Release! Molded Rubber Valve Cover Gaskets

AUTOMOTIVE | 06 May 2020

Molded Rubber Valve Cover Gaskets: -Chrysler Small Block LA V8 -Ford 429/460 Big Block V8 Valve cover gaskets featuring a .188" soft durometer nitrile rubber with a bonded steel spine and torque limi...

New Product Release! Spring Energized MLS Head Gaskets (SEG)

GENERAL | 29 Apr 2020

Extreme Sealing for High Horsepower Forced Induction Applications! The resilient nature of the seal ensures useful elastic recovery during service, this recovery aids in the seals ability to ac...

New Product Release! Mercury Marine Verado MLX Head Gaskets

GENERAL | 29 Apr 2020

MLX - Multi Layer Xtreme Cometic MLX head gaskets feature a unique integrated "stopper" layer for optimum combustion chamber sealing and improved clamp load around the cylinder without increasing b...

At Home With Cometic

GENERAL | 21 Apr 2020

A quick look into new products, technical info, home projects and whatever we have on our minds.  Recorded from home by the Cometic Technical Sales Team.

Shane McDowell

RACING | 01 Oct 2019

When it comes to sealing the engine in a fire-breathing, ground-pounding 900-horsepower dirt late model racing for a king’s ransom, nothing can be left to chance.  And, when you earn you...

GOAT Approved

RACING | 24 Sep 2019

When a company chooses a celebrity endorsement to help market its products, many times the discussion comes down to the right fit, or, in Cometic’s case, the perfect seal.  Known through...

New Harley-Davidson No-Weld 4.250 Bore Head Gasket Kits

RACING | 07 Feb 2019

If you or your customers are interested in installing a 4.250” big bore kit on a Milwaukee 8. Cometic has just made this project a whole lot easier and taken some of the cost out of the projec...

2016 AMS Oil GNCC, Hosted By Snowshoe Mountain

RACING | 07 Jul 2016

Snowshoe Mountain hosted the ninth round of the 2016 AMS OIL Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) series presented by Maxxis, an AMA National Championship, this past Sunday, June 26. The rough and ru...

Cometic Invested in Modern Technology

RACING | 07 Jul 2016

To maintain our dedication to being an industry leader in manufacturing processes, Cometic has heavily invested in modern technology that will be rolling out over the next 12 months. The first inves...

Ride along in an A/stick Chevy Nova!

RACING | 12 May 2015

Wheels Up!! Cometic Sponsored Jim Schaecter takes us for a pass in his awesome A/Stick Nova.

Cometic Continues Partnership with Speed Energy Formula Off-Road Presented by Traxxis®

RACING | 02 Jun 2014

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (June 2, 2014) Cometic Gasket, Inc. announced today it is expanding its partnership with SPEED Energy Formula Off-Road Presented by TRAXXAS and will become the primary sponsor of the...